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5 Ways to Be Successful Online #1

Microvista® LLC - Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did you know that the vast majority of websites fail? There are many reasons for it and there are some simple things you can do to protect your website from the same fate. We’re going to send you one tip every two weeks to help you make your website a success. Think of these free tips as a ‘thank you gift’ for giving our services a spin.

If you have any questions, please let us know - I'm sure we can be of assistance. Without further ado, let's get into the first of the five things you should be doing to be successful online!

Update your site regularly

Are you able to update your business’s website yourself? We're not talking about big design changes; just news, announcements, maybe some articles you've written, and/or a monthly blog post or two.

If you can't - or you don't - you need to! The fact is that search engines like Google absolutely adore fresh, valuable content on websites. The more content you add and the ‘fresher’ your site is, your chances of ranking highly in search engine results increase dramatically. This means more customers and more profit. 

Now, the next question is - what to write? This is the hardest bit, so we've prepared three strategies to help you figure out what to write about.

  • Think about what's been happening in the last month throughout your business. Did you reach any milestones in terms of customers, profit numbers, product releases, and/or new staff hires? Write about them! Customers love to read positive things about your business; it shows you're authentic and successful, which are good signs for any business.
  • Did something special or interesting happen which taught you a positive lesson you could share? Maybe you went to a coffee shop and were really "wowed" by their customer service. Perhaps they even inspired you to improve your own service. Share these stories with your customers on a blog post! They're fun, interesting, and they say a lot about the things your business values.
  • Think about what's going to happen in the next month - is there anything interesting? Are you going to receive your 1,000th order? Are you about to receive a huge shipment or discount an item? Tell your customers and build up some excitement!

There is always something to write about, just remember the golden rules of content and you'll be fine:

  • Is the content relevant to your customers and/or your business?
  • Does the content add value to your customers?

Want to start putting these into tips to action today?

Get started with a Free 30-Day Trial

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Do all of these tips sound monotonous, difficult, and/or time consuming? Well, once upon it time it was hard to update and manage your own website. But with our online business platform it's simple and intuitive. You can use a range of tools to add content quickly and efficiently. Here are a few perks to managing your business via the Microvista Online Business Platform:


You can build a blog - which is like an online journal - quickly and easily under Website -> Blogs. With a blog you can share thoughts, ideas, and observations with your visitors/customers.


Sharing news is easy with our Announcements feature. You can use this module for news and interesting/relevant upcoming events.

Web Pages

Updating your websites ‘pages’ is simple with our easy-to-use Content Editor. It looks just like your everyday word processor. This means you can quickly and easily make small additions to your website on your own.

We hope you've found these tips useful! In two weeks, be on the lookout for tip #2: "Build a Customer Database."

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